Innovative quick drying coats for dogs

Do you want to be able to dry your dog quickly and effectively while having your hands free? Then Siccaro’s drying coats for dogs are the answer for you. The smart dog coats are made with innovative Wet-2-Dry technology and absorbs 90% of moisture from your dog’s fur within 15-20 minutes. Take care of your dog’s health already today with the amazing drying coats from Siccaro. Read more about the fantastic coats right here.

Take great care of your dog’s health

If you dog is wet for a longer period of time they can get ill from being cold. Therefore it is important to make sure, your dog is dry and cosy after a long walk in the rain, a splash in a puddle or a swim in the sea.

Comfortable and quick-drying dog coats from Siccaro

The dog coats from Siccaro are made with their innovative Wet-2-Dry technology that consists of two layers. The innermost layer absorbs the moisture from your dog’s fur and the outer layer releases it into the air. This way your dog is 90% dry in no time. The bamboofibres in the material creates an incredibly soft material. The drying coats for dogs from Siccaro are designed with an ergonomic fit with your dog’s comfort in focus. In Siccaro’s dog coats your dog has freedom of movement and can continue playing while drying.

Drying coats from Siccaro – A handsfree experience

The dog drying coats from Siccaro are clever for more than the previously mentioned reasons – you get to dry your dog totally hands-free! This way you can take of other things while your dog comfortably dries, so you save time in a busy everyday. Explore Siccaro’s assortment of gorgoeus drying coats for dogs in various sizes and colours and find the perfect fit for your dog!